Storage basket set

Mayn storage basket set is designed for creative home storage. It includes three elements that can be combined and rearranged according to your changing needs around the house.

The set includes metal wire baskets, cork lids, and wooden boards, all in three compatible sizes, to be used separately or combined together.

The basis is the metal wire basket, in black and white. Use it everywhere in your home to store for example fruit, jars, bread, cosmetics, magazines, laundry, or clothes. You can place a wooden board on the bottom of the basket for easier storage of small items, or use the board separately as a cutting board or tray.

The cork lid can be used to pile baskets on top of each other for more storage. The lid is also great as a tray for dining table settings, especially for hot pots. Or place it on the kitchen counter against a wall and use it as a pinboard for notes or cooking recipes.